PKB-2 Acoustic Insulation

PKB-2 Acoustic Insulation


PKB-2® is an insulating composite material made of a bituminous base layer, both heavy and flexible, and a porous layer made of textile fibers, thus increasing the insulation of the original wall.

The combination of multiple layers of porous material and PKB-2® mean that we can design absorbent bases that impede transmission of vibrations.

In ventilation systems and piping for fluids PKB-2® is the ideal coating to insulate against noise transmitted outside, with its multilayer behavior reducing the transmission of sound.


It is particularly suited to insulating floors and walls of main construction structures with respect to solid transmission of vibrations.

Separating walls, benches and inertia bases.

Construction solutions

Insulation in double walls and ceilings

Both in walls and ceilings, one or two layers of PKB-2® can be applied on the surface to be insulated. You should make an unbroken coat across the whole wall, taking advantage of the flaps and adaptability of this material to all kinds of surface.

The space between the heavy PKB-2® layer and the finishing material should be covered with the absorbent material Acustifiber P-40.

In the construction of the double wall you can use bricks or layers of plaster to obtain different degrees of insulation.

Conduits, downpipes

Ideal for lining downpipes and PVC tubing where the noise of flushing can be annoying.

You should line around the outside of the tube, taking good care that the PKB-2® flap is as perfectly sealed as possible.

Another important point to mention is the structural separation between the original wall or girders and the PVC tubing, thanks to the installation of PKB-2®, which reduces the solid transmission of vibrations.

Overlay flooring

S-1 overlay flooring is made of two layers of A-1 absorbent material.

On top of these layers is laid an insulating material such as PKB-2®, making sure that they are well covered.

Then a mesh suitable for load-bearing is installed; this could be made of 2.5 mm. rods with 15 x 15 cm. spacing.

Lastly a concrete block is used, 10-20 cm. depending on the case.

Technical characteristics

  • Weight bases insulating : 3,5 Kg/m2
  • Absorbent density : 88 Kg/m3
  • Presentation : Roll 5.000 x 1.000 mm
  • Thickness : 18 mm
  • Weight : 5 Kg/m2
  •  Acoustic global isolation R'w : 49 dB
  • Fire reaction : B s1 d0 in double wall AI-TD23


With a short-bristled roller spread out 300 grs/m2 of contact adhesive on the walls or ceiling and the same quantity on the porous (green) side of the PKB-2® composite.

Allow this to dry for a few minutes and then join the PKB-2® to the substrate.

The substrate support should be porous. If this is not the case, the increase in room temperature and the evaporation of glue will cause unsticking. If the substrate is metallic a setting agent should be added to the glue.

Ventilate the room to achieve a correct evaporation of solvents and drying of materials.


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