Wood Wool Acoustic Panels

Wood Wool Acoustic Panels

Wood Wool acoustic panels are a natural product made in Latvia, European Union.
Panels are friendly both to environment and human health, they’re made from premium quality wood wool by adding white cement and water.

The panels are comfortable and resistant. They help to maintain a pleasant microclimate characteristic to wood in the facilities.

A particularly effective usage of the panels is sound absorbing structures in large rooms for reducing the space's sound reverberation time and improving the working environment.

Wood Wool panels can be used for making plate-shaped screens with a pronounced absorbing nature for reducing the noise emission of equipment in the range of high-tone frequencies. An even more effective acoustic solution is to create three-dimensional finishing elements, such as pyramids, which exhibit a much higher absorption coefficient value, thanks to sound diffraction around the edges.

Panels, made from 3 mm wide wood wool and with higher density, better ensure the sound absorption at the low frequencies. In turn, panels made from 1 mm and 1.5 mm wide wood wool have better absorption properties in the high frequency range.

The optimal sound absorption solution can be achieved by combining CEWOOD panels with a mineral wool insulation layer.


Most common Wood Wool Acoustic Panel application are in ceiling construction and wall coverings.

Application options:

  • Offices, public spaces and private homes
  • Schools, kindergartens, universities
  • Sport facilities, swimming pools, SPA
  • Music halls, theaters, cinemas
  • Recording studios, TV and radio stations
  • Industrial premises, warehouses, parking lots etc.

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