FIBRANgeo Stonewool (Rockwool)


FIBRANgeo Stonewool (Rockwool)

FIBRANgeo is uniform stonewool fibres produced from mineral rock. Once past the spinning phase, the loose fibres, with the addition of adhesive resin, oil and special silicon compounds provides hydrophobicity, it becomes cohesive, elastic and water-repellent. FIBRANgeo stonewool is formed in boards, rolls and loose fill in a variety of dimensions.


Thermal insulation

Excellent thermal insulation, with a very low thermal conductivity coefficient and maximum thermal resistance even at high temperatures. The fibres’ softening temperature is over 1.000 °C and their binder starts to evaporate when its temperature exceeds 200 °C, the materials’ insulating properties remaining unchanged. Therefore, FIBRANgeo products are also suitable for applications where high temperatures occur.

Sound insulation

High sound absorption coefficient and optimum air flow resistivity. These properties provide increased sound reduction and improved acoustic performance of spaces. Facings maximise sound reduction required in certain frequencies. High compressive strength and very low dynamic stiffness, i.e. very rigid, yet efficiently resilient. These properties reduce impact noise transmission, such as in floating floor applications.

Fire Protection

Non-combustible materials (Class A1 in accordance to EN 13501-1) which maintain their insulating properties in high temperatures, contributing to the inhibition of the spread of fire, saving lives and protecting built structures and properties. Therefore, they constitute key parts of fire resistant walls, floors, roofs, prefabricated panels, doors or other passive fire protective systems.

Passive Ventilation

Open hive structure materials with water vapour diffusion resistance similar to the resistance of air (μ=1). These properties enhance the construction elements’ breathability, by allowing the flow of very small quantities of air and vapour through the building envelope, due to air pressure differences occurring between indoors and outdoors (Passive Ventilation). Ventilation replenishes oxygen, regulates the spaces’ relative humidity and removes unpleasant smells, smoke, dust, airborne bacteria and carbon dioxide. FIBRANgeo products assure the maximum passive ventilation of buildings, satisfying the requirements of Bioclimatic Design.

Water Repellence - non-hygroscopic

The fibres’ hydrophobicity renders FIBRANgeo products water repellent and non-hygroscopic. Stonewool fibres are not affected by moisture or water. If stonewool gets wet, it dries fast via passive ventilation and fully regains its initial properties. Further, it does not accumulate moisture, when in contact with other wet parts of the construction.

Resistant to mechanical loads

FIBRANgeo stonewool products, depending on the fibres’ knit and orientation, have high mechanical strength even in relatively low densities. Natural, inorganic, odourless, chemically inert (practically neutral Ph) It does not chemically erode construction elements it remains in contact with, nor is it eroded by them, even in conditions of increased humidity.

  • Lightweight, easy to handle, cut and installResistant to vibrations
  • Does not allow the development of micro-organisms, insects or rodents
  • Recyclable
  • Friendly to the environment and to the end user

Types of FIBRANgeo

FIBRANgeo products are manufactured either in rigid, semi-rigid and flexible boards, rolls and loose fill. The standard unfaced FIBRANgeo product range is:

  • Rigid boards: BP 70, BP 50, BP 40, BP-021, B-571, B-051
  • Semi-rigid boards: B-001, B-570
  • Flexible boards: B-050, B-040
  • Rolls: R-050
  • Loose fill: XS-LOOSE

For standard product dimensions and extra technical information on particular FIBRANgeo products please refer to the Downloads Section below.

Facings of FIBRANgeo

FIBRANgeo products are available with the following standard facings to meet
particular application requirements:

  • AX: Aluminium kraft paper foil reinforced with fibreglass net
  • AL: Aluminum foil reinforced with fibreglass net
  • YM: Black non-woven fibreglass fleece
  • YA: White non-woven fibreglass fleece
  • XA: Kraft paper
  • BIT: Bitumen coating

For standard product dimensions and extra technical information on particular FIBRANgeo products please refer to the Downloads Section below.

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